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Xerox® Capture & Content Services: Manage Data Capture and Business Processes More Effectively

Today’s organizations face an explosion in information, increased competitive pressures and emerging regulatory compliance issues which demand innovation at scale. So why are so many organizations still operating with silos of buried paper documents?

Xerox Capture & Content: Better Information Management YouTube Video

Redefine the way you handle physical and electronic data capture with our Capture and Content Services. Leveraging powerful AI and machine learning, you can automatically capture and validate information from digital or physical documents. Take information from any source (including ad-hoc scanning, batch scanning, or captured digital-native) and feed important data and metadata directly into the processes that need it.

Advance your digital transformation, including ECM and CRM integration, and overachieve customer satisfaction targets with intelligent information capture management.

Here are some of the results we've helped our clients achieve:

  • 24/7 global accessibility through unified content management

  • 50% document processing time reduction

  • 86% faster turnaround time for higher customer satisfaction

  • Fully digitized and automated business process

Redefine your capture process and integration.

Xerox® Capture & Content Services is a package of capabilities designed to help any organization use information more effectively. Leveraging powerful analytics, we’re able to identify problems and help you tame the massive influx of physical and digital documents you deal with every day.

  • Comprehensive capture tools to automatically capture, classify and catalog key information from paper and digital documents.

  • Using optical character recognition, extract critical data and insights from unstructured documents and digital content using machine learning and automated document classification.

  • Automate and streamline complex data-intensive business processes.

  • Enhance collaboration with an intuitive browser interface that enables anytime, anywhere access to protected information.

  • Protect sensitive business and customer data and maintain regulatory compliance with fully automated records management.

Take a big step in your digital migration.

  • Take control of your business with end-to-end digital transformation and automation.

  • Achieve federated search capabilities to break down operational silos.

  • Enhance regulatory compliance with records management and auditable workflows.

  • Ensure safety with secure role-based access and cloud storage with our Digital Vault.

  • Deliver critical information where it needs to go quickly and integrate searchable data with existing business processes.

Let us put our experience in data extraction and classification to work, freeing up your employees, boosting productivity, and redefining the way you work.

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