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Eye-catching decorative effects with Color-Logic

"All Print Starts With Design" is the Color-Logic motto and during the presentation, you will get an overview of the system and a demo of what can be done in minutes to create embellishments into your files for the Xerox Iridesse. Take the guesswork out of working with metallics by any prepress or designer who knows Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign.

The Art and Science of Selling and Marketing Beyond CMYK Featuring Kanovits Print

Zoltan Kanovits has excelled at showcasing the value of eye-catching applications produced on the Xerox® Iridesse® Press to his clients. Hear about his 4 Step Pricing Strategy, Marketing Techniques, Sales Strategies and other Beyond CMYK Resources to inspire you.

The Art and Science of Marketing and Selling Beyond CMYK Webinar Featuring Minuteman Press

Dennis Beck, Owner of Minuteman Press North Palm Beach Florida, shares his best practices on marketing and selling Beyond CMYK print applications with the Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press.

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Reimagine CMYK jobs with specialty embellishments

In this webinar, the Zimmet Group will help you to assess typical four-color jobs to determine if they are good candidates for embellishments, as well as review how to add the chosen embellishments easily in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Print and Creativity in a New World

Top Agencies Share Ideas to Move Ahead

Hear directly from Chief Creative Officers — from major agencies around the world — on how communications have changed in the past 3 months, what are the new ideas emerging in a new world and how will print come out of this.

Podcast: To the Moon and Beyond

Podcast: To the Moon and Beyond CMYK with Ben Glazier, Glazier Design provides advice on how to question the brief to create award-winning communications and state-of-the-art print innovation.

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